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Power Supply - Circuit Database

LM317 and L200 Power Supplies with Soft Start

Power Supply with Soft Start Process

The two power supply circuits are presented to illustrate the soft start procedure using LM317 and L200 integrated circuits where each reaches the desired output of 15 V gradually for a period of 5 second.

LM723 Variable Power Supply with Over-Current Protection

LM723 Variable Power Supply with Over-Current Protection

The circuit design was intended to create an adjustable power supply over a range of 1.3V to 12.2V at 1A and be able to provide protection for over-current by utilizing LM723 regulator.

Dual Polarity Regulated Power Supply

Dual Polarity Regulated Power Supply

The circuit design of this dual polarity power supply is regulated with the use of a positive (78xx) and negative (79xx) voltage regulators.

Low Voltage Power Supply Without Transformer

Low Voltage Power Supply Without Transformer Circuit

The circuit diagram was designed to create a power supply without utilizing any transformer circuit. This circuit illustrates the advantages as well as the safety precautions to keep in mind.

L200 Variable Power Supply

L200 Variable Power Supply Circuit Diagram

The circuit was designed for a power supply that can be adjusted or altered depending on the pre-set value by using a L200 volatge and current regulator.

Using LM317 with Overvoltage Protection

Overvoltage Protection for the LM317 Regulator Diagram

The circuit diagram shows the overvoltage protection as a feature of LM317 linear voltage regulator.

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